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DGG Sept 2018

Howdy All!

Well the time is finally here! After a short few months we have built a range and are ready to host our very first shoot! A big thank you to our Devil's Gate Gang Peacemakers and everyone who has come out and helped build the range, without you this wouldn't have been possible. This shoot is a shoot full of firsts. It is the very first shoot at the Morgan range, my first shoot as Match Director, as well as the first shoot for a lot of new shooters. With that being said, if you are attending and have any extra ammo, guns, and leather that you would be willing to share please bring them for our new shooters who want to try and shoot the match! As the new match director i hope that you all have as much fun with this range as i have had designing it.

The matches are going to be themed around famous outlaw deaths including bandits, train robbers, bank robbers, and many more leading up to what could possibly be a rather intriguing big shoot. Each shoot will be exploring the way that these outlaws have made their way to the Devil's Gate where the Peacemakers will decide if they are bad enough to join our Devil's Gate Gang.

Let's begin with the notorious outlaw, Jesse James!

Jesse James was born in Clay County, Missouri on September 5th, 1847. Jesse was a legendary American outlaw, guerilla, bank robber, train robber, murderer and the leader of the James-Younger Gang. Frank James, Jesse’s brother, joined the pro-confederate guerillas, known as “bushwhackers” with Jesse by his side. They worked in Missouri and Kansas during the American Civil War. The brothers were accused of atrocities against Union soldiers including participation in the Centralia Massacre in 1864. After this, Jesse and Frank began robbing stagecoaches, banks, and much more becoming known as outlaws and joining various gangs. They soon became famous and rather well-known among the Midwest. Jesse and his brother started their own gang known as the James-Younger Gang which withstood until 1876 when most of the members were killed while robbing a bank in Minnesota. The law prevented them from fully rebuilding their gang although Jesse and his brother continued to look for new members. After a while Frank James left and moved into safer territory leaving Jesse to find new members on his own. However, looking for new members may not have been in Jesse’s best interest… find out why at the inaugural September 1st shoot!

We shoot the 1st Saturday of every month.

Summer Hours: (April - September)

Registration Opens at 8 am

Shooting starts at 9 am

Winter Hours: (October-March)

Registration opens at 9 am

Shooting Starts at 10 am

The club Info:

Annual Membership is

$25.00 for single member

$35.00 for a family

Monthly fees:

$5.00 for members per person

$10 for non-members single person

$10 for first non-member family shooter ($8 for any additional family member)

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