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Devils Gate Gang Nov 2018

Howdy All!

We are all set for our Nov 3rd shoot, the fire ban is lifted and the range looks great! We have done so much work since the last time that everyone was out here from painted buildings to windows that fold down into tables. Lets see if we can have just as incredible of a turn out as the first time! If you remember our shoots are themed around famous outlaw deaths and this one has a particularly interesting story. Read Below to find out who this months outlaw is!


Billy the Kid was born with the name Henry McCarty on November 23, 1859. There is not much that is known of Billy the Kid from a young age. What is known is that he was raised by his mother whom died of tuberculosis in 1874. Billy was only 14 at the time and spent his next few years as an orphan going from foster home to boarding house. The kid met a few rough men along the way pushing him into petty crimes and thievery. After a few years he headed west where he joined a gang. This gang was recruited to fight a war in Lincoln county where Billy the

Kid made a huge mistake that kept him running from the law for the rest of his life. After this, he lived his life as an outlaw stealing horses and cattle. He was eventually caught and sentenced to death but quickly escaped… Find out what happened to Billy the Kid at the November 3rd shoot!



*The Devil’s Gate Gang will be hosting an RO1/RO1 refresher class November 17th, from 10am-2pm. The class is $8 per person if it’s your first class and free if it is a refresher course, everyone is welcome. This is a great experience for new shooters hosted by Twelve Mile Reb and Howlin Wolf. Location is to be determined. Please email Howlin Wolf at if you would like to participate.

Range Work Days

*As you all know this is a brand new cowboy club which means that it needs a lot of work. We have done so much work already but there is still loads to go. We host range work days on various Sundays because the range is empty, but we can reserve the range . We would love everyone and anyone to come and help out. If you would like to be notified of these days on a more immediate basis please notify Howlin Wolf at (719) 510-7307 or

Winter Hours: (October-March)

Registration opens at 9 am

Shooting Starts at 10 am

The club Info:

Annual Membership is

$25.00 for single member

$35.00 for a family

Monthly fees:

$5.00 for members per person

$10 for non-members single person

$10 for first non-member family shooter ($8 for any additional family member)

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