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Devils Gate Gang Dec 2018 Canceled

Howdy All!

I am sad to say but we have decided to cancel the December 1st shoot. The weather up here has gotten pretty bad and the range is too wet. It would be a snowy, muddy mess and that isn't fun for anyone. I wanted to say thank you to everyone he came and participated in the RO1 class, the RO2 class is to be announced soon. We will resume shooting the first Saturday of January, however, since I already had the story written for December I thought I would give everyone a snippet about who our famous outlaw is going to be.


Everyone knows the tale of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, or at least you should, but i have a feeling there may be a few things you don't know about Butch Cassidy. Robert Leroy Parker was his real name and he was born right here in Utah, Beaver, Utah to be more specific. Robert was of the Mormon religion being the oldest of thirteen siblings. Robert also worked as a butcher down in Wyoming which is where he gained the "Butch" part of his name. He left home when he was young to make a better life for himself (we see how well that worked out). Butch worked on ranches and farms for a man by the name of Mike Cassidy which is where he gained the "Cassidy" part of his name. From then on, Robert Leroy Parker was known as Butch Cassidy.

Butch Cassidy had his first run in with the law in his mid twenties when he broke into a closed store and stole a pair of jeans (what is it with these outlaws and stealing laundry!). To read the rest of the story about Butch Cassidy's life, read the January newsletter and attend the January shoot to find out what happened to this outlaw.


Range Work Days

*As you all know this is a brand new cowboy club which means that it needs a lot of work. We have done so much work already but there is still loads to go. We host range work days on various Sundays because the range is empty, but we can reserve the range for any day . We would love everyone and anyone to come and help out. If you would like to be notified of these days on a more immediate basis please notify Howlin Wolf at (719) 510-7307 or

Winter Hours: (October-March)

Registration opens at 9 am

Shooting Starts at 10 am

The club Info:

Annual Membership is

$25.00 for single member

$35.00 for a family

Monthly fees:

$5.00 for members per person

$10 for non-members single person

$10 for first non-member family shooter ($8 for any additional family member)

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