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Devils Gate Gang Jan 2019

Howdy All!

Its finally here! We are good to go to shoot on January 5th! I hope that all of your smiling cowboy faces show up, unfortunately I won't be able to make this month but Howlin Wolf will finally be there in place of me! Below is a copy of the story i posted in December as a teaser for this months shoot. Come out on Saturday to finish the story and shoot some fun stages.

Everyone knows the tale of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, or at least you should, but i have a feeling there may be a few things you don't know about Butch Cassidy. Robert Leroy Parker was his real name and he was born right here in Utah, Beaver, Utah to be more specific. Robert was of the Mormon religion being the oldest of thirteen siblings. Robert also worked as a butcher down in Wyoming which is where he gained the "Butch" part of his name. He left home when he was young to make a better life for himself (we see how well that worked out). Butch worked on ranches and farms for a man by the name of Mike Cassidy which is where he gained the "Cassidy" part of his name. From then on, Robert Leroy Parker was known as Butch Cassidy.

Butch Cassidy had his first run in with the law in his mid twenties when he broke into a closed store and stole a pair of jeans (what is it with these outlaws and stealing laundry!).

Here are ths stories from Jan

Stage 1

After Butch Cassidy was pardoned for his crimes of stealing a pair of jeans, he took a dark turn. Butch Cassidy, along with his team of bandits, began to rob banks, starting with the San Miguel Valley Bank in Telluride, Colorado. While this was going on he also was dating a girl named Ann Bassett and getting steamy with her older sister, Josie.

Line: “Can I have your sisters number?”

Stage 2

Butch Cassidy and his famous partner, the Sundance Kid, went international shortly after these robberies. First they travelled to Argentina to settle down and escape the law but they discovered several north Americans that were staying in the area as well. At first they made a good living there by raising sheep and cattle until someone ratted them out. Thanks to a sheriff who tipped them off, they were able to flee the country to Chile.

Line: “Feliz ano nuevo”

Stage 3

The outlaws eventually had to leave Chile after yet again being discovered. They all split up for various reasons (not permanently), although butch Cassidy never gave up wanting to settle down as a real respectable rancher. He travelled to Bolivia with the Sundance Kid where he found “the perfect place” which lead to the bandits giving up their jobs in 1908. They were accused of robbing banks after this, which was occasionally found true to fund their retirement.

Line: “I got vision and the rest of the world wears bifocals”

Stage 4

Its not positive how Butch Cassidy died, but what is known is that he had a bullet in his temple and a bullet in his arm. The Sundance kid was found the same however the bullet in his temple was found to be from Butch Cassidy’s Colt. It’s said that Cassidy shot his partner and then shot himself so that they would never be captured. But who really knows what happened that night.

Line: “Sooo…. Who shot him?”

Winter Hours: (October-March)

Registration opens at 9 am

Shooting Starts at 10 am

The club Info:

Annual Membership is

$25.00 for single member

$35.00 for a family

Monthly fees:

$5.00 for members per person

$10 for non-members single person

$10 for first non-member family shooter ($8 for any additional family member)

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