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Devils Gate Gang Feb 2019

Howdy All!

Once again the Devils Gate Gang is making history.... We will host the first shoot ever with our new cowboy friends on the other side of the coin. That's right the Devils Gate Gang will be shooting 4 fun stages then switch roles and try their hand at cowboy fast draw. We are so excited for Slow Poke and BA to come out and show us the ropes! They will bring the supplies, you just have to bring yourselves and your smiles!

Its that time of year again,the month of loveeeeee. Although, I am not a fan of fairy tale love stories, so instead of talking about the prince falling in love with the princess we are going to look into the stories of real love, the love of the old west. The passion, the risks, the true heart and soul, the old west is full of it. Although some loves ended tragically, the story that happened from the day they met to the day they died is one to read. You have the love of a boy and his dog or a girl and her guns, and then you have the love of a cowboy and a cowgirl. Although, love in today's society and love in the old west looked much different. Some men loved their women even though she was a prostitute. Some women loved their man even though he was a gunfighter. You loved them no matter what happened. Come to the February 2nd shoot to find out what exciting tales of cowboy love I've chosen to share with you!

Read the message below from our new Fast Draw Friends BA and Slow Poke!!

Howdy Gunfighters;

The Promontory Point Posse is a newly formed Cowboy club coming to your area. My name is B.A. and my wife SlowPoke are originally from Virginia we moved to Utah about 8 months or so ago now. We look forward to introducing you to Cowboy Fast Draw this weekend Saturday the 2nd at your home range. We have been shooting Cowboy Fast Draw since about late 2010 and now with your help we would like to start the very first Cowboy Fast Draw club in Utah. On Saturday we will host a

“Come Try Cowboy Fast Draw” event after your main SASS match. We will go over some basic safety procedures and a little bit about Cowboy Fast Draw and what it will take to kick this club off. Then we will let you shoot some more because that is what we all come out here

for, to meet people be with friends and shoot. We will have two targets set up for everyone to try it. Don’t worry we will be supplying the ammo and the firearms. As I know you have your own holsters you will be able to use them for this. In Cowboy Fast Draw we shoot 45LC “everyone” with a wax bullet and a 209 shotgun primer, knowing some of you shoot 38 cal this is allowed in some shoots (more on that later). We will also have

a cowboy coming from Idaho to assist us with this he is the man behind C&R wax “Skinner” he will have some for sale 45lc and 38’s. There will be a signup sheet there for you name, phone, and email if you are interested in joining.

For more information on Cowboy Fast Draw rules, regulations, and what to expect visit

See you on the line. B.A. (aka) Anthony

SlowPoke (aka) Brenda Brazauskas

Winter Hours: (October-March)

Registration opens at 9 am

Shooting Starts at 10 am

The club Info:

Annual Membership is

$25.00 for single member

$35.00 for a family

Monthly fees:

$5.00 for members per person

$10 for non-members single person

$10 for first non-member family shooter ($8 for any additional family member)

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